This is the web site of Chris Bartholomew, a house husband and small bookseller based in Penicuik, Midlothian. Most of this was produced in 2003 when I was an MSc Multimedia student. The main purpose of the site now is to give direct access to my books, but it does also contain my personal web sites, as well as sites that I host. Please click on the links below:-

My Books

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Sport Relief Run 2006

All 6 of us did the Sport Relief Mile, with 5 of us doing it in Glasgow on the 15th of July. A great time was had by all and we raised over £500 for the charity in the process. Sarah 'wee', although she was not with us in Glasgow, did it at Machrihanish Airbase where she was at Air Cadet camp.

My Xmas Site

This was my first attempt at creating a web site, it has been left as it was presented, although there were errors which could now be corrected, I have decided to leave it as it originally was.


This web site was created as a group project with 3 colleagues and was based on studies of accessibility and usability, paying particular attention to the needs of the visually impaired. Text size, colour and backgrounds can be altered without adversely affecting the overall look of the pages, whilst not overriding any preset preference settings on the users computer. I still run and update the site for the charity.

Portrait Painting

This for me was a bit of fun, an artist friend on my course, was required to produce a 2 minute movie for his site and decided to base it on one sitting in the production of a portrait.